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Our favorite spotted pup is not only talented; he’s got A-list looks!  Chosen to appear in the special RESCUE L.A. Charity Calendar, Wilshire is helping raise money for the L.A. City Animal Shelters by starring in this gorgeous collectors item.  Each month features an irresistible pooch alongside a courageous firefighter and contains valuable safety information for people and pets.  All proceeds from your kind $10 donation go toward saving the thousands of abandoned animals in need of loving homes.  And, you get to enjoy Wilshire all year long!  To donate and get this wonderful Wilshire keepsake go to:


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Dogs as well as all pets need special love and care.  Wilshire and his four-legged friends depend on their human companions to feed them, bathe them, walk them and clean up after them.  Dogs also count on people to provide them a safe, comfortable home and protect them from danger. 

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*        Make sure your dog gets lots of exercise, walk it at least twice a day, use a leash and clean up after it!

*        Never leave your dog tied up unattended

*        Be sure to feed your animal a healthy diet in proper proportions for its size.  Most dogs need to eat at least twice a day. Check with your veterinarian and keep up with the latest research on pet nutrition

*        Never feed your dog chocolate or grapes

*        Always have fresh, filled water bowls available to your dog

*        Be sure your dog has a safe, enclosed yard or area to play in with plenty of shade so it doesn’t get lost or hit by a car.  Make sure dogs can’t fall in pools or water areas accidentally.

*        Dogs should always wear nametags that include your current phone number and address.  Consider a tracking chip in case it gets lost.

*        Brush your dog regularly to keep fur healthy, shiny and tangle free

*        Bathe your dog as needed for its size and breed. Be aware over washing can dry out skin.  Use an appropriate doggie shampoo.

*        Make sure your dog has proper dental care and nail trimmings.  Ask your vet for advice.

*        Be sure to keep all medicines and small objects your dog could swallow out of reach. 

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Charlie - Rescued at 4 months old from the North Central Animal Shelter with a case of demodex mange (non-contagious). He is on his way to a full recovery now at 5 months. His hair is growing back, and he is as healthy, happy and playful as ever. Ready to be adopted by a Rescue group or loving family.


Hermione is a 7-8 month old shepherd/lab mix that was dropped off at the So LA Shelter with severe demotic mange. She was pulled from the shelter and she has been recuperating at Brent Air Animal Hospital and is improving daily. She is not contagious to other animals or people but still will need to take medication while her fur continues to grow back. She is sweet and shy and would like nothing more than to be loved and cherished.



Please contact Billy Criswell at william@bestfriends.org if you
are interested in adopting one of these dogs. 

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