Wilshire's Story
Wilshire was carried to fire station 29 by a ten year old girl on a cold night in March of 2006. The young girl rang the doorbell of the fire station and explained that she could no longer keep her best friend, because her apartment was too small for the young Dalmatian puppy. The firefighters looked at each other with concern wanting to help this sweet little girl. They wanted to help her but there was no room for a dog in the fire station. The firefighters gave the family information for the local animal rescue shelter where they could take the little spotted puppy. The family was told the rescue would be able to care for the puppy for one week only. The girl was worried for her best friend and insisted her parents take the Dalmatian puppy to the fire station because she was convinced her heroes from the Los Angeles City Fire department would rescue him.
The family returned to the fire station on Wilshire Blvd. and told the firefighters the puppy needed a home. The Firefighters took the puppy in on St. Patrick’s Day and his life began at Fire Station 29. 
One of the Firefighters told everybody that his name should be Wilshire after the very busy street where they lived. Wilshire’s new family showed him the ropes of life in fire station. Wilshire was smart and learned fast. It wasn’t long before he had learned how to teach children fire safety. Wilshire has three shifts of 16 firefighters that rotate through the station. That is 48 different people over three days. 
The firefighters took Wilshire into their fire family and the little orphaned Dalmatian repaid his heroes by teaching children of all ages about fire safety. Wilshire is saving lives like his heroes of fire station 29 do everyday.



                 A Shift                                                                   B Shift                 


C Shift



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